By keeping track of where your products are in your store or warehouse, your team will be able to more efficiently service itself and in turn your customers.

Example workflows

  • scan a product to see its stock locations
  • scan a location to see which products should be there
  • scan a location then scan a product to add/remove it from that stock location

To get started, create as many as stock locations as you have aisles/sections for each store in your store settings area.

A stock location is composed of three 3-digit number sets:

  • Aisle (
  • Section (
  • Compartment (

Once you have all your stock locations set up, simply go to a product and add the locations.

Product ABC123 is stored in locations 001.001.001 and 005.010.134

You can also print your stock locations as QR code or Barcode label. That way, when using Skutally's mobile app, you can quickly assign a stock location to a product by scanning this label. Also, you can scan the QR code or Barcode of a stock location to see all products that are stored there.

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