What it does

  • Show related product links within a particular product page.
  • Easily promote Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell products using shopify product tags.
  • Examples: "Related Products", "Frequently bought together", "Upgrade Available"

Quick facts

  • No additional requirements or configurations.
  • it's free to install and use.

How to do it

Add related products to a specific product:

  • Install the App.
  • Add the product tag.
  • Check the product page in the shopify storefront.

Details and Instructions

Install the "Related Products by Skutally" Shopify app from the

Tag the products you would like to relate

  1. Write down the related product's handle, which can be found in the storefront product URL. For example: "https://yourdomain.myshopify.com/products/alex-twill-pant-sand"
  2. Add the product's handle as a tag with the "skutally-rp::" prefix. For example: "skutally-rp::alex-twill-pant-sand".
  3. Notice how, after saving changes, these products will show up as "Related Products" in the storefront product page.


Advanced Tags

  1. Add a custom title to the relation "skutally-rp::Frequently bought together::abc123"

Hide Price or SKU

  • hide Variant count / SKU using CSS (css option = display: none)
  • hide Price using CSS (css option = display: none)

Additional Details

Help your customers find related products right from your product's page. 

With Related Products by Skutally you'll be able to use your products tags to define product relations, such as "Cross-Sell", "Also Available In", "Up-Sell" or just "Related Products".

Works out-of-the-box. Simple to use and highly customizable with CSS (but not required).

No hidden complexities

While other apps try to guess your related products with algorithms, Related Products by Skutally goes back to basics by allowing you to be in control of your related products. Using the already existing tags of your products, you can define all the products that are related to and they will simply show up in your product's page.

No additional requirements

Ideal for small to medium stores, you'll be able to define related products just by using tags and nothing else.

Help your customers

Think like your customers and help them get faster to related products, such as cross-sell, up-sell, etc.

Simple integration

Just install and it's ready to go. All you need to do is define tags for your related products and they will show up in your product's page.

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